Global Dairy Platform’s membership of dairy companies, associations, scientific bodies and other partners collaborate pre-competitively to lead and build evidence on dairy’s role in the diet, and show the sector’s commitment to responsible food production.

For more than a decade, GDP has led the dairy sector’s collaborative efforts to encourage the appropriate intake of nutrient-rich dairy foods and demonstrate the sector’s role in sustainable agriculture.

Together, we aim to demonstrate dairy’s contribution to global food systems, lead healthy diets and sustainable livelihoods.

Governance Groups

Global Dairy Platform’s Board of Directors and Operational Committee lead the way in providing strategic oversight of GDPs activities:

Rick Smith
Chair of the GDP Board
President and Chief Executive Officer
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.

Miles Hurrell
Chief Operating Officer-Farm Source
Chief Executive Officer Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

Hein Schumacher
Chief Executive Officer
Royal FrieslandCampina

Our Vision: Consumers value milk and dairy products as naturally nutritious, enjoyable and an essential part of a healthy diet.

Peder Tuborgh
Chief Executive Officer
Arla Foods amba

Our Mission:  To align and support the dairy industry to promote sustainable dairy nutrition.

Dr. Margrethe Jonkman
Deputy Chair of the GDP Board
Chair of the Operational Committee
Corporate Director Research & Development
Royal FrieslandCampina

Dr. Judith Bryans
International Dairy Federation

Jerry Kaminski
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer, International
Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Mr Lu
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
China Mengniu Dairy Company

Hanne Sondergaard
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing & Innovation
Arla Foods amba

Judith Swales
Chief Operating Officer Transformation (Velocity) and Innovation
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

Jay Waldvogel
Senior Vice President of Strategy and
International Development
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.

GDP Staff

Donald Moore
Executive Director

Jerreau Beaudoin
Communications Director

Amanda Slusher
Office Manager

Global Dairy Platform Leads
GDP Leads drive specific work plans and projects connected to dairy’s work in Nutritional Security, Sustainability, and Dairy Development.

Brian Lindsay
Sustainability Lead

Dr. Greg Miller
Nutritional Security Lead

Ernesto Reyes
Dairy Development Lead

Civic Engagements

GDP doesn’t just create sector engagement on relevant global issues, but works to actively share the sector’s expertise and provide necessary perspective to influence and drive action. These efforts inform the wider world of media, academia, and policy makers with factual contributions inspired by principles like the need for accurate information for evaluating a food’s profile and raising awareness of dairy’s ability to provide sustainable livelihoods.

In this context, GDP staff and Leads are asked from time to time to take part in conferences, public debates, committees, and other types of events. They can among other things be called upon to act as speakers, debate participants, hosts, or moderators, or again as experts in individual meetings. In this way, the GDP hopes to support initiatives that contribute to sustaining the benefits of agriculture, and strengthening the contribution of the dairy sector to sustainable food security and nutrition.

For more information on staff availability, please contact our Director of Communications, Mr. Jerreau Beaudoin at

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More than 6 billion people worldwide consume milk and milk products–the majority living in developing countries



90% of global respondents said they find milk nutritious, healthy, tasty, and their best source of calcium



32% of global respondents seek foods high in protein to fulfill their main nutritional needs



World Milk Day 2017 sparked 835K engagements (likes, comments, retweets etc.) on social media

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