The Global Dairy Sector Has an Opportunity

To transform the lives of individuals, families, communities and populations. To grow our billion-person community resulting in more farmers, more dairy sector jobs, and more families nourished by the power of milk. To showcase our positive nutritional, economic and social impact. And to create long-term, self-sufficient solutions to the challenges facing Africa.

Dairy Nourishes Africa (DNA) is that opportunity to demonstrate how dairy can provide real solutions to key issues affecting society. Learn more here.

We’re starting in Tanzania because it has all the attributes necessary to develop a strong, vibrant, competitive dairy industry. It has a young, growing population that understands dairy’s health and wellness benefits. It has a history of cattle-raising along with a dairy-friendly climate. And it has a government prepared to support the sector. Read more about a round table meeting that was held with stakeholders in Tanzania in February 2019.

Come join us. Let’s combine our knowledge, expertise and resources to be part of the solution. Please contact Donald Moore, Executive Director of Global Dairy Platform, +1 (847) 627-3386, Donald.Moore@GlobalDairyPlatform.com.


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