Africa is expected to lead the world in population growth over the next several decades, reaching 2.5 billion people by 2050. Transformational change is essential to feed and employ its growing population and build a more resilient, inclusive and environmentally sustainable food system.

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Global Dairy Platform (GDP) believes investment in East African dairy sectors can improve nutrition and food security, spur economic growth, generate societal benefits and ensure environmental sustainability across the dairy value chain, especially for millions of smallholder farmers.

Dairy Nourishes Africa (DNA) is building a unique 15-to-20 year public-private partnership leveraging the collective strength of GDP and a wide array of industry, community and governmental stakeholders to support and build relationships in a new, growing market. GDP is providing critical technical dairy capabilities in partnership with Land O’Lakes Venture37 and Bain & Company to launch Dairy Nourishes Africa.

Our ambition is to transform African dairy industries by creating vibrant ecosystems of farmer-allied and environmentally sustainable enterprises that improve nutrition, enhance livelihoods and stimulate economic growth – in a way that only dairy can.

Join us in combining our knowledge, experience and resources to create sector-wide transformation that creates a better, purpose-driven future for the people of East Africa.

Please contact Global Dairy Platform at DNA@GlobalDairyPlatform.com.

See how DNA is already making a difference:

Why DNA is Different

DNA differs from traditional development efforts: farmer-allied enterprises are the linchpin for accelerating transformation to build a more resilient and sustainable dairy industry.

DNA’s Strategic Framework

DNA takes a market-led systems approach that supports transformation across the full dairy value chain. Click to see how DNA structures its interventions.

Sustainability and Climate Action

DNA integrates climate-smart principles and practices into the design of the program, leveraging the global Dairy Sustainability Framework for measuring results.

DNA’s Ambition

Having tested the DNA model in Tanzania, the DNA team is deploying the initiative in Kenya and seeks to bring the initiative to additional geographies in East Africa to achieve impact at scale.

DNA and the Sustainable Development Goals

DNA’s activities will advance 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and is highlighted as a flagship initiative of the World Economic Forum Food Action Alliance.

Nutrition and Food Security

Dairy efficiently delivers essential nutrients that contribute to reducing malnutrition and stunting; DNA reaches new low-income consumers, stimulating demand for nutritious dairy products.

Dairy Nourishes Africa - Women's Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment

Women are essential contributors to the dairy value chain in East Africa. Learn how DNA enables success of female dairy farmers and empowers women-owned businesses in the dairy value chain.

Farmer Livelihoods

DNA supports farmer-allied dairy processors to strengthen the support they provide to dairy farmers, resulting in productivity and income gains among smallholder farmers.

Dairy Nourishes Africa is a flagship program of the Food Action Alliance. Learn more about the program here.


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