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Dairy Development and Nutrition in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Hurdles, but Plenty of Opportunities

New Research Indicates Dairy is More Sustainable than Alternative Plant Beverages

Recent Climate Change Summit (COP) and Several FAO-Generated Reports Released During COP: Implications for Dairy

Climate Action & Nutrition: The FAO Perspective

The Food Matrix Foods We Consume are Much More Than a Combination of Individual Nutrients

Dietary Protein: Underappreciated or Overconsumed?

Dairy and Health: Good News Abounds

Sustainable Food System Improvement: A Rubik’s Cube of Options

EAT to Your Heart’s Desire? Maybe Not.

Animal-Sourced Foods in Plant-Based Diets: They Certainly Deserve a Place at the Table

New Critical Review and Other Recent Studies Demonstrate Animal-Sourced Foods Serve Important Role in Healthy & Sustainable Diets

Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture

GHG mitigation and the Agricultural Sector: Is the Net Zero model right for Agriculture?

Dairy and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s)



In Kenya over 800,000 small scale dairy farmers contribute over to 80% of national milk production.

Dairy farming in Kenya is creating a long and large value chain of employment that improves the local economy and standard of living.

At Rangala Baby Home in Kenya, dairy farming has provided the resources to improve the nutrition and health of the resident children.


In the Saraburi province of Thailand, 2nd generation dairy farming provides a stable source of year-round cash flow and nutrition.

Farmer Training and Support in Thailand helps small scale dairy farmers in Thailand produce high quality milk.

Thailand is building a local, sustainable dairy industry that supports individuals and the empowers communities across the country.


A cooperative project at Noblehurst Farms diverts food waste and scraps to a digester providing enough energy to power the 1,800-cow dairy.

Generational dairy farms in upstate New York find innovative ways to remain relevant, profitable and environmentally sustainable.

USA dairy farming cooperatives focus on providing a traceable, sustainable product for consumers, whilst ensuring care of the land and the animals they farm.

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