GHG AccountingPathways to Dairy Net Zero (P2DNZ) has started a GHG Accounting Task Force to support dairy sector colleagues who are currently reviewing the GHG Protocol’s Land Sector and Removals Guidance (LSRG).

The task force is another example of P2DNZ and GDP bringing the dairy sector together on pre-competitive activities that enhance understanding and progress on strategic issues that are common across the industry.

Why is this task force needed?

The dairy sector is under immense pressure, with many environmental/performance reporting demands requested from a range of different stakeholders. The majority of dairy organizations operating in the more mature dairy markets will be reporting their GHG emissions through the GHG Protocol. Many already have or are in the process of finalizing their science-based targets through the SBTi, against which they will need to report progress.

What is the task force doing?

The P2DZ GHG Accounting Task Force has brought together global dairy sector colleagues to pool resources. It has drawn on the understanding and delivery processes from several different geographies, across a diverse range of global dairy production typologies and operating environments.

By sharing experiences and collectively reviewing consultation materials, the task force has been able to provide robust input to the consultation process undertaken by the GHG Protocol. In addition, the task force will develop common approaches to support dairy organizations that are implementing the requirements of the GHG Protocol.  They will provide consistent approaches that are aligned with existing industry resources where appropriate.

What are the task force’s next steps?

The task force has identified several areas that will benefit from collaborative activities. You can review the chart here. Some will be delivered more rapidly than others and at times collaboration/consultation with a wider dairy community will be necessary to ensure that developments are acceptable to both dairy sector and the GHG Protocol itself.

The task force is also making available the outputs of the respective workstreams on this website as they become available.

Outputs from the task force to date include the following P2DNZ GHG Accounting Task Force Workstream Documents:

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero: GHG Accounting Task Force

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