World Milk Day 2019

World Milk Day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2001 to recognize the importance of milk as a global food.

This year the celebration started with the Enjoy Dairy Rally on May 29-31, culminating with World Milk Day on June 1.

Background and How To Participate: ​In November 2018, the sector conducted a pilot test to measure the impact of a collective social media effort designed to share our dairy stories (each day featured a common theme) with consumers across the globe. We’re pleased to report the pilot’s success and have implemented key learnings to create a three-day Rally that will generate momentum for World Milk Day. The Rally will focus around three themes (one per day) that created the most awareness and engagement globally: Nutrition, Community and Enjoyment.

We’ve created ready-to-post video assets of different lengths for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that transcend global borders. Knowing many organizations may prefer to keep content on their platforms consistent, you are welcome to use your own content that corresponds to the daily themes.

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World Milk Day 2019

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