Dairy’s Contribution to Sustainable Diets Recognised

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Brussels/Chicago – January 16, 2019.

The dairy sector welcomes discussion on Sustainable Food Systems.

Recently, a group of scientists and interested citizens came together to form the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health, an international panel seeking consensus on a roadmap for sustainable food systems. We commend them for their contribution to the global dialogue on how to produce and provide more sustainable food.

In light of the changing global demographics and environmental challenges, the dairy sector understands the need to supply more food, more efficiently.

The dairy sector has long recognised that sustainability encompasses various elements, including the environment, socio-economic aspects and nutrition. In order to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a broad range of solutions will be needed. It is not just about feeding the world a certain number of calories, it is about nourishing people with nutrient-rich food, like milk and dairy, that encourages optimal growth and performance.

Dairy is one of the basic building blocks of a sustainable diet in most countries.  Dairy foods provide many essential nutrients, including high quality protein; they are accessible, convenient and affordable. Moreover, dairy cows convert often inedible or less nutritious foodstuffs and by-products from other food production into highly nutritious food that helps people to thrive.

In addition to being a regular source of nutrition to 6 billion consumers around the world, with 150 million dairy farms globally, the UN estimates that 1 billion people rely on the dairy sector to support their livelihoods and to sustain their local communities.

The dairy sector has an established record of embracing new practices and is an active participant in implementing innovative solutions to feed the world. As stewards of the planet, dairy farmers are constantly seeking ways to efficiently produce better food while reducing environmental impacts, caring responsibly for their animals and making the land better for the next generation.

We are committed to engaging in an open conversation about the totality of the global food system.


IDF President, Dr. Judith Bryans


GDP Executive Director, Donald Moore


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Dairy’s Contribution to Sustainable Diets Recognised

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